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Are an integral part of the social and business fabrics that form our lives. The depth and quality of these relationships go a long way in supporting the goals that we all strive toward. That's why I'm proud to tell you that when you choose our practice to provide financial guidance, you are entering into a relationship with a number of premier financial service companies. All staffed by dedicated, knowledgeable professionals, working for you with one goal in mind: your success.

Strength & Stability 

Strength & Stability 

LPL Financial is an independent broker-dealer that provides me with back office, technology, regulatory and operational support. Thanks to my association with the firm, I can offer you access to thousands of diverse financial strategies. The firm is not in the business of creating and marketing their own investment products – their only “products” are service and support. Therefore, I can offer objective, independent investment advice with no obligation to promote any particular investment. After all, I don’t work for LPL Financial. I work for my clients.

LPL Financial believes the lifetime financial and retirement needs of Americans are best served by local, objective independent advisors. That’s why the firm partners with approximately over 16,000 independent-minded financial advisors like me, with offices across the United States.

As part of one of the largest networks of independent broker-dealers in the country LPL Financial provides stability and financial strength that has been maintained through various market cycles. 

Your Goals

Your investment goals and financial situation are unique. There is no “one size fits all” solution, and don’t let anyone tell you there is. That’s where we come in. As independent financial advisors, we understand the importance of asking the right questions, properly interpreting the answers, and making sure that you are comfortable with your decisions. Yes, we are partners in your financial future, but ultimately, our relationship is about you. Our goal is to earn your trust, work toward your success, and share you vision.

Client Centered

Your Options

Through my affiliation with Woodbury Financial, I can put an broad range of investment management vehicles to work for you including:

  • Stocks and bonds: Access all national stock exchange-listed securities and over-the-counter stocks and bonds, as well as a team of professional, knowledgeable traders who are supported by Woodbury’s industry-leading technologies.
  • Mutual Funds: Using a variety of tools and services, I can analyze individual funds and create a portfolio of complementary holdings that matches your objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Annuities: Annuities offer an investment feature, tax deferral and death benefits. Choose between a:
    • Fixed Annuity, which pays a fixed rate of interest over the life of the contract. At retirement, you can collect guaranteed income for life. And, these assets avoid probate.
    • Variable Annuity, which provides professionally managed sub-accounts, allowing for income and capital growth potential.
  • Fee-Based Investment Advisory Services: Pay one fee for the investment advice you receive instead of paying transaction-based commissions; many programs are available.
  • Insurance: Access a wide variety of insurance products, including variable universal life, universal life, term insurance, and long-term care.
  • Other Services: In addition to these investment products, a number of financial services are available to you, including: 
    • Business succession planning
    • Estate, family needs, and personal needs planning
    • Wealth transfer
    • Deferred compensation
    • Charitable giving
    • Pension maximization
    • Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans

Some of these services may not be offered by Woodbury Financial and you may be referred to other professionals. Individual situations vary. If you require specific tax or legal advice, we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all issues specific to your situation.

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